Helping our people grow and succeed

The quality of Acertis’ services and its reputation are inseparable from the expertise of its staff. Its people are at the heart of a strategy that consists of matching their expertise to the requirements of the tasks entrusted to them. Acertis’ human resources policy is structured on the following concepts:

  • A responsible recruitment and supervision policy. The guiding philosophy is to recruit experienced professionals and junior staff. In addition to a broad training programme, junior staff members are closely supervised and receive immediate feedback throughout their assignments. Experienced professionals participate actively in team leadership and work in an environment that highlights their involvement, their level of responsibilities, their team spirit and their enthusiasm.

  • An incentive-based policy to boost motivation. To motivate staff, Acertis puts forward remuneration modes adapted to the level of responsibility and the involvement of staff, while putting the accent on qualitative objectives, such as the quality of service and the level of client satisfaction.

  • Delegation of powers in a climate of mutual trust. Although Acertis professionals operate in a relatively open framework, they are accountable for the assignments and tasks entrusted to them. Raising awareness of ethical issues forms part of the training programme for all staff.

  • A convergence of interests. Acertis establishes a multi-annual skills development plan for each staff member in terms of his or her present level of responsibility and expected development. This pro-active process is meant to develop the 'knowledge' capital of each staff member or to maintain it at optimal level and to enable staff members to evolve in their career while guaranteeing a high level of expertise for clients.

Human capital is a vital issue for Acertis. Acertis ensures that it deserves the confidence of its staff at all times.