Our vision

Acertis positions itself as a reference in accounting, tax compliance, financial reporting, financial consolidation and valuation services to investors, large corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and asset managers investing or operating in the “Alternative Investment” segment.

Acertis aims to:

  • Help businesses grow and innovate
  • Support businesses at every stage of their development
  • Offer businesses the solutions best suited to their needs
  • Help organisations protect and develop the value of their assets, including their reputation, and consequently reduce their exposure to risks and uncertainties
  • Ensure an unequalled quality of services
  • Focus on its core businesses and maintain a high level of specialisation to guarantee the excellence of its services
  • Maintain or increase its lead in the fields of competence where its professionals have earned a top-notch reputation
  • Remain loyal to the values that guided the founding of Acertis